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Addressing comments and questions

Comment posted to the Ongoing Research projects will be published on the project factsheet and an email notification with the below subject line sent to the Principal Investigator with instructions to reply.

Comment notification subject line: [CGIAR Ongoing Research] New comment, please moderate: PROJECT TITLE

The project's focal person, Principal Investigator or any of the project scientists will then be able to post a reply directly on the project fact sheet or they can decide to moderate the comment.

To moderate a comment

Step 1: Sign in the system

Step 2: Click on 'edit' to the project where the comment was posted

Step 3: Review comment to either: Unapprove, Reply, Edit, Read History, Spam or Trash

Step 4: Post your reply

Step 5: Publish the response and remember to update the project to save your changes

How to review unanswered comments

It is recommended to do a periodical review of comments that may have not been answered. This tutorial shows the steps to view comments on projects and suggests the procedure to address unanswered comments.

How to review unanswered comments